Organized and fulfilled like the big traders, quick like the small ones

Magnetic entrance, guards, sanitary control, movements, deliveries, ecologic station, telematic stock exchange…
The organization of the Centro Agroalimentare allows to operate quick purchases; the services are build to offer comfort and security on every aspect including prices. In this way there a re no bad surprises and the consumers can relax, in the bar and in the restaurant of the centre, obviously.

"Dear customer,
the Centro Agroalimentare of Parma carried out a service that we believe is very useful for those who consume fruits and vegetables daily, want quality and need to save time.
With “FRESCO IN TEMPO” you may receive at the desired address and hour all the vegetables and fruit you may need.
The centro agroalimentare warrants an accurate selection made by our experts. Punctuality is assured by the centre and by the personnel that controls daily the loading and unloading operations; in this way we can optimise our timing and offer to you a better service.
The cost of the service “FRESCO IN TEMPO” is modest, contact us at ++39.0521.989452 to receive the exact import.
Please pay attention to the attached form: you have only to choose which days you need the products, the preferred hours for the delivery and the desired quantities.
Thank you for your attention and good job" .

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