Pertaining quality to the technology of marketable goods.

Evry good in CAL is sistematically controlled by quality's point of view. Technicians control all resellers and goods, if they respect european rules about fruit and vegetable products; they specially care about quality of food, calibrations, allowance, packaging.
Then consumer has to be sure because of antiparasitics residual tests, together with BIOLAB Group.

Controls on quality of fruit and vegetable goods come from CAL are done twice a week; one in night time on monday, wednesday and friday, together with BIOLAB Group; they control goods when they just come here, a time before business, and goods is still stopped. The other one is done by CAL in day time, when business is outstanding and in some days a month.

Number of controls is proportionated to business of each reseller. Inspection operations is 2 hours long for a total of twelve controls.

About pertaining quality to the technology of marketable goods, they control all sides who prejudice final evaluation (caliber, look, maturation, colouring, development, other defects), undermining declassation from 1st to 2nd choice.

About packaging of goods, we verify correspondance of packages to european lows, updated on Internet time to time.

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